Commercial Real Estate

Looking to invest in Commercial Real Estate and wondering you can go at it alone or need the help of a professional? A Commercial REALTOR® is a business partner with the training, market knowledge and experience that you want on your team. Whether you are buying, selling, leasing, sourcing tenants or investing in Commercial Real Estate.

Commercial REALTORS® are authorities on commercial real estate.      They are there to help from the start of the sale, and to the end. Helping with syndication and investment, to financing, consulting and providing information on environmental studies and tenant inducements.

Remember, REALTORS® are in the real estate business to advise, recommend, caution, and counsel their clients with a level of expertise that brings value to the transaction. So it’s important to find the right one for you.  Consider some of these advantages of using a Commercial REALTOR®

  • They know the local market.
  • They know what’s available that suits your specifications.
  • They can provide the analysis to show whether you should lease or buy.
  • They can maintain your investment with professional Property Manager services.
  • They can assemble a team of specialists knowledgeable in space planning, zoning, local government or zoning issues, architectural design, tax assessment, appraisals, financing, market trends and closing procedures.
  • They can market your property through a variety of resources specialty targeted to investors and buyers of commercial properties like yours

Are you are looking to purchase, lease or sell a commercial property?

If yes, then choosing the right commercial real estate professional can be the difference between success and failure.

According to Ken Droog,  Owner-Droog & Associates Vancouver Island Real Estate Pros, the key to your success is in the real estate transaction.  Commercial Real Estate can be a great investment, having the right Realtor behind you is your first step to success!



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